The IPI Group increases the value of its Clients’ real estate assets, managing all the activities required to promote and transform them, and overseeing all the phases from feasibility studies to the drafting of masterplans, from design to implementation.

In these development operations and projects, the IPI Group works on two consulting levels: strategic and operational.


Analysis of the interventions and planning/procedural conditions, as well as their economic/financial and asset-related feasibility. These analyses are required for initiatives for the valorisation and redevelopment or urban areas and buildings, optimising residential estates and individual buildings.

Strategic skills

•    Identification and verification of the conditions and strategies for valorisation.
•    Organisation and coordination of the activities involved in the definition of the feasibility conditions of valorisation proposals, covering urban planning, design, floor and volume plans, as well as commercial, market and economic and financial issues.
•    Verification, with the competent public offices, of the planning procedures and methods required to complete the feasibility study for the initiative.
•    Urban planning promotion up to the approval of the general planning tool, where necessary coordinating any external professionals involved.
•    Formalisation of the urban planning/procedural needs of the valorisation choices made, by drafting a feasibility project agreed with the owners.
•    Coordination of the activities required to implement the general planning choices, draft executive planning tools and apply for building permits and authorisations.
•    Identification of initiatives, in compliance with the provisions and laws in force, deemed necessary or appropriate to achieve the objectives of valorisation and/or better use/protection of the assets.