Palazzo Pietro Micca | Gruppo IPI

Until 2014 the structure, located in via Cernaia 33, was the headquarters of the Directorate-General of Rai in Turin, a city that saw the birth of the Italian television in the historic headquarters of via Arsenale 21 in 1930.

The building occupies a block bordered by Via Cernaia (north), Via Ruffini (south), Via Guicciardini (east) and Piazza XVIII Dicembre (west); the entrances are located in Via Cernaia and Via Ruffini. The area is equipped with all the infrastructure and services of public interest, in addition to buildings for tertiary and residential purposes - many of them are of a period of nineteenth-century construction and a stately typology.

The property was built in 1966 to a design by Domenico Morelli and Aldo Morbelli. It is one of the highest and most evident buildings in Turin, with 19 levels above ground, 3 underground floors and it is 72 m high. It has an area of about 28,600 gross square meters, of which 20,400 square meters above ground, and has a total volume of about 118,700 cubic meters, of which 82,200 above ground and 36,500 underground, as follows:

• a main building, hosting the offices and a canteen, consists of an 18-storey tower and a covered terrace floor;

• two buildings above ground of 5 and 6 floors, used for offices, overlooking Via Cernaia and Via Guicciardini;

• two underground floors, home to the technical rooms, which occupy the entire surface of the block.

Palazzo Pietro Micca.