The IPI Group supports investors, institutional operators, companies and private clients with its agency and advisory services relating to the search, purchase and sale, lease and valorisation of buildings for executive, residential, industrial and commercial use.

The IPI Group boasts a unique know-how on the Italian market, with a team of specialists with technical and financial skills, full coverage of the national territory through its direct branches managed by employees and a network of professionals and partners, as well as a Study Centre that constantly monitors the local markets.

The specific skills in various market segments are able to meet even the most complex real estate needs.



The IPI Group provides brokerage, consultancy and operational support services to its Clients for the purchase, sale and lease of assets for tertiary and executive use across the country. The team of professionals specialised in the office segment supports Clients throughout the whole process, leading to the final choice of the best solution.


Services and support in the purchase, sale and lease of residential properties. Considering the specific requirements of its Clients – from price to closing times to risks – the IPI Group provides the best solutions for the residential market, ensuring safe and profitable transaction closing. From purchase, sale and marketing strategies to negotiation and complete assistance, up to the closing of the transaction.


One of the asset classes in which the IPI Group has historically worked on the market. Fifty years of know-how in real estate brokerage, specialised in the residential markets for both new builds and existing properties. The IPI Group supports its Clients in market analysis, product valuations and marketing.


The IPI Group supports major owners in the disposal and lease of real estate portfolios across the country. An accurate analysis of the context and knowledge of the local market are the basis of an effective sales strategy tailored to the needs of the Clients.


IPI manages all types of small, medium and large retail buildings. Our team its experience and consulting skills at the disposal of retailers looking for the best solution for their specific needs: retail parks, hypermarkets, shopping centres and high streets.


The IPI Group is a major reference for industrial businesses, providing agency and advisory services for the purchase, sale and lease of production, trade and logistics sites.


A multidisciplinary team of specialists, with technical and financial skills, is ready to support Clients in the disposal and acquisition of large real estate assets or portfolios, both vacant and for investment, assuring the best negotiations and rapid transactions.